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                                                                 SONDER HOUSE HAS A HOME!     WE DID IT!!
More details to follow in the weeks to come ... many things still to be worked out. But we just couldn’t wait to let you know - you

have made such a difference and that Sonder House, Phase 1, is a go!  A beautiful home and property in Chester County

is under contract for the beginning of our dream and we can’t wait to transform this into “The Farm at Sonder House".

A place where adults with disabilities can live and thrive and contribute in the most meaningful of ways. Much work still to be done

and the need for more fundraising in our plans. Renovations to the house, making the property a farm, a greenhouse, animals,

creating our meaningful program... but it's all within our reach. We could not have done this without the help of our village so from

the bottom of hearts.

                                                                                                                           WE THANK YOU!



Sonder House
PO Box 534
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Sonder - the realization every person is living their own vivid and complex life
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