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Sonder House
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Sonder House Story

Residential schools offer children with special needs the opportunity to flourish - in this environment they are challenged to
participate in all aspects of education, work activities, community and family life. As adolescents, special school residents
participate in activities where they learn, feel nurtured, loved and respected as important members of the residential community.

In Pennsylvania, after the age of 21, this type of living environment is unavailable for lower cognitive adults. Research of
residential communities in the region show no options for these challenged young adults.

Our vision is to establish a holistic program for special needs adults that supports a vivid and meaningful life
beyond the age of 21. Our approach aligns well with the very successful Camphill Special School philosophy.
The farm-based program will have handicapped accessibility, with several dwellings to support the program, residents,
and the staff. The desired property will enable a walking path, agriculture field, and paddock for farm animals.

The residential program will be implemented by caring providers, co-workers, educators, and parents
who will promote a sustainable and productive living environment.  

Sonder - " the realization every person is living their own vivid and complex life —a life populated
with their own ambitions, family, friends, routines, worries and inherited challenges."

Sonder House

Sonder House
PO Box 534
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Sonder - the realization every person is living their own vivid and complex life
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